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Agility Training

(Kyalami Academy for Dogs)

Dog agility is the fun sport for you and your dog. The team of dog and handler negotiate a course of obstacles. Actually, the dog negotiates the obstacles with the handler providing direction through the course.  The handler provides direction through body motion, speed, hand and voice signals.

Puppy Foundation


This class is designed for puppies over 5 months of age or adult dogs who have had no previous training on agility equipment.

Dogs should have the following basic obedience skills required: sit, down, recalls to side, stay, and handler focus when other dogs are working.

Skills Covered: Limb awareness, Come to hand work: Crosses on the flat, Recalls to side, sends around a jump standard. Clicker training for two on two off, tippy board and weave entrances. Also introduced in this session, some lowered Contacts, chute and tunnels and See-saw.

Beginners Agility


Beginners agility is the programme designed to take you and your dog from beginners to competitors in this fast, exciting sport. 

In this programme you will learn how to consolidate your dog's skills in the weave poles, the see-saw, the dog walk and the A-frame.

An important part of the transition phase to competitive agility is to develop better communication with your dog, allowing handler and dog to have a closer connection in the agility ring. 

Advanced Agility


The advanced agility programme is for dogs and handlers who are actively competing in agility. The key concepts of advanced agility include:

  • Speed
  • Control
  • Independent  obstacles


For more information on Agility in Gauteng visit the Gauteng Agility website

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