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The Champion mindset that has taken Noelene to the top of her sport, is also the attitude which she instills into her professional and dedicated team of groomers.

What is a Champion Groomer?

  • A Champion Groomer puts the comfort and safety of your dog first.
  •  Champion Groomer loves dogs, and this love is demonstrated in their care of your pet
  • A Champion Groomer does a job he/she can be proud to put their name to
  • A Champion Groomer pays attention to detail

At K-Nine Mobile Grooming we bring the Pet Salon to you. No dirty dogs in your car, no traffic jams, and most importantly, Fido gets to spend most of the day doing important doggy stuff, not sitting in a cage at a parlour. And when you come home, a squeaky clean dog is waiting to welcome you home. 

The services offered by K-Nine's team of Champion Groomers include:

• Warm shampoo wash

  • Warm water rinse                                                                                                     • Warm tick/flea pour over dip                                                                                      • Check and Clean ears                                                                                                 • Clip nails                                                                                                                    • Towel dry                                                                                                                   • Hand blow dry                                                                                                           • Thorough coat brush out.
  • Breed-specific trims/ cuts
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